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    If you want to stay toned, fit and healthy during pregnancy, and help prepare your body for childbirth, Fit for Pregnancy is for you. This invigorating, totally safe program is specifically designed to strengthen muscles you’ll use during delivery, release stress, increase flexibility and tone up all over.

    You’ll begin by combining light resistance training and low impact cardio. Next, you’ll target the core and butt with Pilates-inspired moves that will help to prevent pregnancy-related back pain and prepare your body for the big day. You’ll finish off with yoga flexibility to calm and center your body and mind.

    Fit for Pregnancy DVD consists of:

    • Warm-up

    • First and Second Trimester- three 6 minute circuits

    • Third Trimester-three 6 minute circuits

    • Core conditioning and butt blasters

    • Total Body Flexibility

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