• The 3-in-1 Patented Pregnancy System




    3-in-1 Patented Pregnancy System™ is a pregnancy DVD that will help you maintain and increase your muscle tone, gain flexibility and feel wonderful the 3-in-1 way before, during and after pregnancy!

    This award winning pregnancy workout video is the first DVD on the market to combine Pilates, Yoga and Strength Training for pre and post natal mothers… an all-in-one pregnancy exercise DVD!

    3-in-1 Patented Pregnancy System™ DVD consists of:

    3 Areas of Focus

    • 3 Disciplines: Pilates/Yoga/Strength Training
    • 3 Stages: Pre-Pregnancy/9 Months/Post-Pregnancy
    • 3 Body Sections: Upper Body/Core Abdominals/Lower Body

    4 Sections

    • Section 1: Warm up and core abdominals
    • Section 2: Legs and lower body
    • Section 3: Upper Body with 3-5 lb. weights
    • Section 4: Partner stretching with a towel

    Additional information

    Weight 8 oz
    Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 1 in

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