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    By squeezing these 6-Minute workout morsels in throughout the day, you can get in shape on YOUR terms, when YOU have the time and energy. It s so simple! Do a segment or two in the morning, one at lunch and a few in the evening. On days when you have more time do all of them at once… whatever works for you! You CAN make a positive impact on your body in small, bite-sized chunks of time throughout the day. The real women in the video just prove that!

    These energetic, super effective segments focus on LOWER BODY with fun small interval circuit training, UPPER BODY/CORE with resistance training and finishes with rock hard abs on the ball. A total body workout that will have you toned from head to toe in a short amonut of time! Workout with real women who actually went through the program and achieved amazing results.

    Bonus segments, Journey of Team Mallett, Success Stories from the women in the video and Nutritional tips with Tracey Total Body Fat Blaster is taken from Tracey’s new book Sexy in 6.

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    Weight 8 oz
    Dimensions 9.5 × 12.5 × 1 in

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